Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I love what I do

So, this site is my way of giving back to the writing community and my intention is to provide publishing knowledge and insights on the business side of writing. So when I speak about Ridan's successes on this blog it is generally in the context of illustrative examples. But I'm so very excited that I just had to share.

Ridan's authors currently occupy 40% of the top 10 Science Fiction Kindle books:
They are being beat by two industry powerhouses: The latest Star Wars Novel, and 2030 by megastar Albert Brooks. Not too shabby!

I couldn't be happier for these fine authors that have worked so hard and produced such quality writing. I know the sales these two are experiencing are changing their lives. Most authors can't make a living wage from their writing, but these two can and do. I'm just so pleased to play a small part in their success. Thank you's because of success stories like yours that I just love doing what I do.

By the way...Full Share has been flirting with the Top 100 (last two hours it's been at 116 and 117) if it crosses the 100 mark it will be the FIRST Indie published book to make the top 100 at $4.95 that I've ever seen. (Vincent Zandri was in the top 100 but he started at $0.99 and rose the price once there). That would be amazing!!

EDIT 6/1/2011 As of now the books stand at:
Fell a few points on some but gained another to the list and picked up spot #1 so that's not all bad.


Jools Sinclair said...

Hi, Robin~
That is truly phenomenal!! Congratulations to you and your authors!
Jools Sinclair

David Gaughran said...

Congratulations Robin. Great work by all concerned.

Robert Bidinotto said...

Congratulations, Robin, for your authors but also to you, for all your hard and dedicated work.

rdlecoeur said...

That is a staggering achievement-Well done, hats off to you and your authors.
As an aside, I can't believe that anyone buys Star Wars books-whats the point? you already know the story.

Robin Sullivan said...

Thanks all, the credit truly goes to the authors - who have such talent and write so well. But if a tree falls in the forest...I'm just glad to be the one that lets readers know that the tree has fallen so they can take a look and see if they like what they find.

SlingWords aka Joan Reeves said...

Congratulations, Robin, and congratulations to the authors and to Ridan! Hard work pays off.

Anonymous said...

congratulation, excellent work!!!!