Hello, my name is Robin Sullivan and when thinking about how to introduce myself the following things come to mind: hard work, perseverance, and intelligence. I live by the mantra "never give up--never surrender". And while some might think using "intelligence" is a bit boastful, keep in mind that I have little to do with that—I was born with that dice rolled high, but I have a terrible metabolism and fight with my weight constantly, so you win some you lose some.

In the 1980’s I was hired as a grunt programmer and in three short years became the president of a software company, which I grew to thirty-five people and five million dollars. Later, I founded an advertising agency that helped more than one hundred and fifty high technology companies increase their sales and expand their market share.

Today, I am immersed in one of the fastest changing and most challenging industries there is — publishing.

I've worked in all three branches of publishing. As a self-publisher, I propelled my husband Michael Sullivan to the top of multiple Amazon fantasy lists, selling nearly 40,000 books in just four months. In the small press world, I formed my own company, Ridan Publishing representing the highest quality award winning titles by authors such as Nathan Lowell, Marshall Thomas, and Leslie Ann Moore.  As for big-six traditional publishing, I've leveraged Michael’s self-published success and received a six-figure, three-book offer from Orbit Books, the fantasy imprint of Hachette Book Group.


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website: www.ridanpublishing.com
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