Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tip: Finding Agent's Names

While there are many resources to find the names of qualified agents (See books and on-line resources to the right). Here is a little tip I wanted to throw out: Use's search inside the book feature to find agents of books similar to yours.

Many authors will thank their editors or agents in their acknowledgements. Because Amazon's search inside the book has the entire book digitized you can use this to find the name of agents if they did mention them. Here is what you do.
  1. Find a book similar to yours on Amazon
  2. If it has the "Look Inside" graphic on the cover picture than SITB is enabled
  3. Mouse over the book and a small window will pop up
  4. Type the word "agent" and if they mentioned their agent you'll see their name

You can then look them up in the various agent directories to get address and submission requirements.

For instance if you did this on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book: Twilight you would see:

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