Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive

I know it has been MUCH too long since I've posted to this blog - but I'm committed to changing that and will be more active in the future.

Why have a I been away so long? Well a few reasons.

#1 - The Riyria Revelations: My husband's six-book fantasy series now has 5 of the six books released (The Crown Conspiracy Avempartha Nyphron Rising The Emerald Storm Wintertide). A great deal of my energy has gone into editing and marketing these titles.

#2 - Formation of Ridan Publishing: Michael was originally published through AMI (Aspirations Media Inc.) a small press based in Minnesota. They were not able to raise the money for the first printing of Michael's second novel so the rights reverted to us. In order to get this to the market I formed Ridan Publishing. Wishing to make this more than just a vehicle for Michael's books I've been recruiting other authors with exceptional talent and I now have 6 authors and 17 books on the market.

#3 - Medical Issues - I've now had 2 back surgeries one of which caused me a great deal of downtime and some lingering issues with permanent nerve damage. This literally took me "off my feet" for quite some time.

#4 - Change in "day job" resulted from a layoff which required me to not only find a new job but then work at it 60 hours a week to "get up to speed" quickly.

Now that most of the above are "running smoothly" I thought I would get back to this blog and even expand it by offering little "on-line tutorials". Look for those coming soon.


TrueOrFalse said...

Wow, you really have been busy. Hope you're fully recovered from your surgeries! Good luck with Ridan Publishing. What kind of books do you publish?

Robin Sullivan said...

Ridan focuses on speculative fiction books: Fantasy, sci-fi, and we have a horror novel that we are just about finished editing on.

Unknown said...

So glad to have you back blogging, Robin. You've been missed.