Thursday, January 20, 2011

Publishers Querying Authors

Yes, I know I still owe a post in my series on is too important of a post to rush, and I'm doing an experiment that I want more results on before I post. In the's some late breaking news.

Ridan Publishing has traditionally found its authors by watching for self-published writers who have found an audience. It just seemed to make sense to make good business sense to me. When Amazon started their Encore program - I thought, "Hey, so those in the business are starting to catch on".

Yesterday, I found out that H.P. Mallory has been approached by Random House. She doesn't have an offer yet, but the fact that her ratings on Amazon is getting a big-six to look at her is encouraging to say the least.

For those that don't know H.P. has three books released:

It's nice to see that the "dinosaurs" are starting to learn to adapt to the new world order in publishing. I see more and more evidence that there has never been a better time to be writing then now.


Suzanne said...

Interesting how the technological medium for this "proving ground" changes so rapidly, and how authors are adapting to it. Just a couple years ago, podcasters were the ones in the forefront, showing publishers that they knew how to find their audiences.

I'm really enjoying the information on your blog. Looking forward to that promised pithy post on pricing.

Suzanne Adair

Robin Sullivan said...

Totally agree Suzanne, Podcast popularity got a few authors "on the radar". I anticipate the "pricing" post will be this weekeend.

a said...

Robin, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the fabulous info you've posted on J. A. Konrath's blog. I figured you'd find a little thanks easier, here!

wannabuy said...


I've been following the discussion on JA's blog. IMHO, take the offer as long as Michael is allowed to publish his own ebooks. Of course, I suspect with the offer he is getting there will be pressure to publish all the books under contract quickly. :) (Classy problem to have...) ;)

Good luck! I do think it will, in the long run 'cost money.' But it is 'insurance.' By that I mean a nice 'assured income.' Insurance costs money yet is definitely worth something. :) It also, as you have noted, is PR. And PR costs money... My impression is the deal is a 'win-win.' Cool

Just read the fine print. (I'm sure I'm about the thousandth person to recommend that.)

I'm interested in the post on pricing too. ;)


Robin Sullivan said...

@Az - thanks! It's an interesting place with people with pretty ingrained opinions. Fun...but also trying sometimes.

Robin Sullivan said...

@wannabuy - thanks for dropping by actually I get about equal comments on both sides of the "stay self" or "go tradional" fence - which just goes to show how difficult it is.

A year ago -- the decision was easy...a year from now I suspect as well. But today...many things to weigh. Still I feel bad complaining about it in some regards because most want to be in this position and don't get the chance.

wannabuy said...

@Robin: "Still I feel bad complaining about it in some regards because most want to be in this position and don't get the chance."

I didn't take it as 'complaining.' I took it as trying to solicit further input for a *major* business decision. It isn't an easy decision. Even a year from now, I do not think it would be easy.

Good luck!

Robin Sullivan said...


True that. I have learned a great deal hearing what others have to say. Lots and lots of data to process. Sometimes it feels like my head will explode.

Tara Maya said...

I have no advice to give you on the matter; I think you're far better to evaluate the decision than I would be. But I shall watch with interest whatever you decide to do.

Tara Maya
The Unfinished Song: Initiate

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