Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indies and Traditional Publishers Share the top 20

Just a quick post. I noticed today that the top Amazon 20 were shared equally between indie authors and traditional publishers:

  • 8 Indies
  • 8 Traditional
  • 3 Games
  • 1 Newspaper

Top Indies continue to be:

  • John Locke (4 books) - Hmm what nickname will I give John?
  • Amazda Hocking (2 books)
  • Joe Konrath (1 book)
  • Steven Carpenter (1 book)

Wow - this changed dramatically - as per Robert the shift went to: 9 indies. But then I looked and the breakdown is currently (3/15/2011 8:22 PM)

  • 6 indies
  • 6 traditional
  • 8 games and newspapers

So still 50% but man - big hit by the non books.


Suzanne said...

I like "Amazda." Whether it's a typo or not, you've said it all. :-)

Suzanne Adair

Robin Sullivan said...

Lol - Amazda is not a typo - it's my own little name for Amanda Hocking. - One word like Cher ;-)

Robert Bidinotto said...

Robin, I just checked. As of 2 pm Tuesday, the balance tipped to Indies, with NINE Indie books in the top 20. The bestselling Indie authors included:

* John Locke (4 books in the top 10, including #1 and #2)

* Amanda Hocking (now 3 books in the top 20)

* Joe Konrath (1 book at #13)

* Steven Carpenter (1 book at #12)

--Robert Bidinotto

Tara Maya said...

I wonder how long before indies top 50%?

Jack D. Albrecht Jr. said...

hey just a quick question not related to this blog entry......

I am not sure if you have already answered this but, I think that your husband has some of the best looking covers ever. I was wondering if you could tell us who you use for them?

Robin Sullivan said...

@jack - glad you like the covers. It thought it was pretty general knowledge but I guess not - They are done by him (as are all the covers at Ridan Publishing.

Robin Sullivan said...

@Robert - Thanks for the info...

@Tara - See Robert's Post