Monday, August 22, 2011

BISG July 2011 ebook Buying behavior

The Book Study Industry Group has been surveying book buyers on their ebook buying habits for the last few years now. In some of the preliminary pages that they released was the following graph:

Green line: % of people who read e-books daily/weekly
Blue line: % ebooks purchased (estimate)

I took away a few things from this:

  • First, as I've been saying for ages now there was a dramatic shift in ebook sales for Nov and the "good times" continued through about March where sales stabilized rather than increase dramatically month to month. I saw this first in my husband's Riyria Revelations sales, which went from 1,000 sales per month in September to 10,000 a month for Nov-Feb. November was the first month that most of the "top selling" indies saw their first significant increase in sales including: Hocking, Locke, and Konrath

  • Second, in 2009 ebooks had not crossed over to the mainstream in anyway and for most of 2009 (including the X-mas season) remained relatively flat

  • Third, April - June seems relatively level at about 13% - I suspect when we get this data next year it will show relatively flat until about October in which case I think we'll see similar rises as last Xmas season.

The report also reported that ebook sales in Q1 2011 showed 13% of total book sales (based on Bowker Pub-Track's survey of 6,000 US book buyers.


wannabuy said...

The delta in the graph is in line with the ebook sales delta (in dollars)! While I suspect there is a wee bit more growth that isn't centered around the holidays, it will be a seasonal transition.

Is the industry ready for what will happen over the next 30 months?


K. A. Jordan said...

Thank you for the great chart. I need to see things like that to keep the time-line in perspective.

I'm looking forward to this winter season. I've got 2 books (might have a 3rd) and 4 short stories already on sale.

I'm hoping to sell enough books to break even on my expenses. This is supposed to be a business, but I'm still in the 'expensive hobby' stage.

Neil - I heard there were 10 million Kindles going out this year. 4 million to the UK. Haven't heard about the Nook yet, but I'm talking to friends who want one REALLY bad!

This winter promises to be a big leap upwards from Niche Market closer to Main Stream.

I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

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