Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Indie breaks the glass ceiling

Many of my followers know that I watch the Amazon Top 100 pretty religiously. For the past few days I've been watching Rick Mercer's third book, Emerald Moon, flirt with the top 100 and today he's become the second indie author to break the Top 100 with a book priced higher than $2.99.

Emerald Moon is the third in the Manny William's Thriller series and is selling for $3.49. The only other person I've seen do this with a fiction book (John Locke did it with his non-fiction book)was J.R. Rain who hit top 100 with her third book in the American Vampire series. I'll have to look at my records but I believe she was priced at $3.99.

This just goes to show that writing multiple books really is a key to making a career with writing. Some people may recall that I interviewed Rick for this blog a few weeks ago when he first hit the scene and I'm glad to see he is still doing so well.

Congratulations Rick!


Rex Jameson said...

Congratulations, Rick!

Author Scott Nicholson said...

JR is male--I collaborate with him, and yes, it was $3.99!

Rob Cornell said...

Rick had started with a 99 cent book, hadn't he? Interesting to see him build that audience with the 99 cent price point, then bump up his price for later books and keep that sales momentum.

Might have to try this when I release the third book in my dark fantasy series.

Robin Sullivan said...

Yes Rick started at $0.99 and has since raised his price (I brow beat him into it).

Leonie Daecher said...
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