Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drive by posting about the Indie Book Event

Hey all,
I still remain too busy to do much blogging but wanted to stop in for a quick drive by. This weekend I took a trip up to New York to attend the Indie Book Event. I'll write up several things I learned there but I wanted to mention two highlights.

First is the Indie Book Collective which did two presentations at the event both of which were very top notch. The speakers were: Amber Scott, Carolyn McCray, and Rachel Thompson. I've taken a quick first pass look at their site and I think there is a lot of good information there. I'm going to go through the whole thing and report more later - but in general it looks like they have Tutorials, Workshops, and they podcast on Blog Talk Radio. Just based off of their presentations I think there will be a lot of good information there.

They also have written a book: Dollars and Sense (The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success) It's just $2.99 for kindle so I downloaded it. I've only read a very small fraction of it while traveling back but what I saw there looked good.

The other was a "fan moment" I had when I met, in person, Lori of The Next Best Book Club (TNBBC). This my absolute favorite group on Goodreads and is a perfect example of a well run group on this fantastic site. I met so many great people through TNBBC but have not been able to spend much time there lately as I've been so busy with Michael and the other Ridan authors. If you are not involved at goodreads - you should be and be sure to join her group.

I was delighted to discover she does a blog that reviews self-published literary fiction. Michael wrote a great novel called A Burden to the Earth that I'm not sure what to do with. With the vast reading experience she has, I'd love to hear what she thinks about it and she agreed to do some Beta Reading of it.

Okay that's it for me I have to get back to editing. I'll try to get something more substantial up soon.


Suzanne said...

The Indie Book Collective also produced Blog Tour de Force April 2011. I was one of the ten participating authors, and my award winning first book, Paper Woman, was featured. IBC knows their stuff; Blog Tour de Force did lovely things to my sales figures and brought me into contact with lots more readers. :-) You can also find IBC on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

Suzanne Adair

Robin Sullivan said...

Suzanne - could you quantify a bit what "lovely things to my sales figures" equates to? I'm just curious.

Overall I'm really impressed with what they are doing.

Suzanne said...

Robin, for BTDF, I gave away 57 copies of Paper Woman via Smashwords and wound up with 15 new 4- or 5-star reviews from the event. But what was remarkable was that during the month of April, I sold twice as many books in the Kindle Store as I did in March. People bought Paper Woman, even though it was being given away for a day on my blog. There was a slight halo effect on sales for my other two books the following month.

To put IBC's efforts in perspective, I paid for a Kindle Nation Daily sponsorship for Paper Woman in July. In one day, I sold what would normally have taken me a month to sell, and my ranking on the book increased by nearly 3000%. That was outstanding, especially when you consider that my books aren't $0.99.

However KND sponsorships aren't cheap anymore. What IBC can accomplish with what's basically a grassroots effort is truly impressive.

Suzanne Adair

Robin Sullivan said...

Suzanne - great to hear - thanks for sharing the experience - I'm definitely going to keep my eye on IBC they seem to have it "going on".

TNBBC Super Mod said...

Robin, I appreciate the kind words about TNBBC and my blog! It's always so wonderful to meet my long-term TNBBC members.

Be sure to keep in touch about that Beta reading :)

Amber Scott said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for the great mention supporting the Indie Book Collective. What an outstanding weekend it turned out to be. I'm brand new to TNBBC and am so excited to have discovered it. Lori really wowed me.
@Suzanne, It's so good to see your results from Blog Tour de Force. We really are making a difference in participating authors sales and that makes all our efforts worth it.