Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's quiet...too quiet....

Egads is July almost over already? I look at my anemic number of blog posts and feel really guilty but I'm determined to get some editing done on the following books:
  • Time Cavern II - Todd Fonseca
  • Cluck: Murder Most Fowl: Eric Knapp
  • Double Share - Nathan Lowell
  • Untitled (changed it a few times): Jackson Archer
And formatting for:
  • The Good Humor Man: Andrew Fox
In addition I'm sending out contracts today for 8 new acquisitions to the Ridan Catalog. I'll wait until the author's sign before I announce but I'm very excited about all the new titles coming in!

So...as for tips for writers - Sorry I'm going to continue to be scarce for a while. In the meantime - you can "catch up" with me via some interviews that are online. Today a skype discussion with Dan Blank from We Grow Media was posted. Here is the link:


Laura said...

I understand an intense work schedule. My blog post list has been a bit enemic, also. Thanks for posting the link!

~Laura @ Literary Legs Blog

Unknown said...

No worries, Robin. We all understand tight schedules with projects.

Also, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your interview with Dan Blanks and on the podcast interview on Adventures in SciFi Publishing a few weeks ago. :)

-Mindi @ M.E. Anders Blog

Dan said...

While I've certainly been enjoying your blog, I'm also waiting for Double Share to come out in print, so I'm ok with you spending some time on other projects. ;)

Robin Sullivan said...

Thanks guys - and M.E. I'm glad you liked the Dan Blank Interview - that's a much faster way to do things then writing up blogs ;-)